My Story: Part Four

…My Story continued from part three

Still in the learning stages, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and decided to have a new home-built. Little did we know that we were about to make bad become worse. It was fun picking out the fixtures for the kitchen and bathrooms and making changes to the original builder’s plan. We knew the carpet was not the best choice for people with allergies, so we decided to have hardwood floors put in instead. Looking back, if only we had known how toxic the new building materials were, (Sick Building Syndrome) we certainly would have made better choices.

After moving to Charlotte, we re-established a pediatric doctor for the children. I found a doctor that diagnosed me with Candida Albicans and was put on a yeast free diet with no fermented foods. I did not find a huge difference, mainly because Candida was not my only problem. Both of my daughters had asthma, and it continued to get worse. We were at the doctors weekly, if not in the emergency room.

Within the first year of moving into our new home (in a wooded area), I looked down at my arm and noticed a very tiny nymph tick who had taken a dive, head first into my left forearm. So, I got the tweezers out and tried to pull it out with a slight twist, but oops…the head stayed inside me. I tried digging it out with a needle, but to no avail! Then, I forgot about it. I had no time to ponder as I was raising three children on my own.

Soon, the fatigue became debilitating, it was difficult to even muster up enough energy to comb my own hair, the nausea was almost unbearable, sensitivity to light, sound, and smells made me wish that I did not exist! My cognitive problems were so bad that on my way to take my kids to school, I would find myself lost. I could not understand what was happening to me. I had always been a very active leader in the community. It was important for me to be a volunteer at our church and I was the assistant brownie troop leader. Now, I could barely take care of myself, much less give my time to anyone else.

My Story continued: Part five 

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